Provillus Reviews – Does It Help Hair Regrowth?

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Provillus has been thoroughly tested and due to a high concentration of Minoxidil (5%), results can be seen very quickly. Many before and after testimonials have been gathered throughout the years (see article below) to prove this product really works. Don't waste thousands of dollars on a hair transplant surgery, give this product a try first. Discounts on bulk orders available.

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Let’s introduce our Provillus review with a little metaphorical story.

Assuming you are male, imagine yourself in the bathroom, washing your face after shaving your facial hairs in the bathroom sink. As you raise your face to look at the mirror to check your handiwork, you see a bald man staring back at you.

After several moments of puzzlement, you realized that the bald man in the mirror is none other than yourself. You screamed your head off and woke up, realizing it’s just a bad dream.

Most men (and maybe a number of women too) around the world have this particular nightmare—of their most precious hair shedding and becoming bald. The human hair is not called one’s “crowning glory” for nothing. Hair is something people take pride of. Muslim women cover their hair to avoid vanity.

The 5 Most Common Causes of Hair Loss

hair-lossLosing your hair, like ageing, is something unavoidable. Men usually see patches of hair shedding when they hit their 30’s. Women shed hair a little bit later in life, around 60’s.

It is natural to have hair fall every day or to lose some hair during shower. But to lose bunch of hairs that cause a bald patch or patches to appear, that’s when people become more and more self-conscious.

What exactly causes all this?

  1. In this busy life, stress is abundant. Too much stress and your body can’t cope up. Your body’s way of saying you’ve had enough is through shedding hairs. Also, stress causes your immune system to drop which could lead to the second cause of hair loss which is…
  2. Vitamin and mineral deficiency. If you have not been taking food supplements, when stress hit you, you will most likely be lacking on some important vitamins and minerals. Zinc and vitamin A are the most important mineral and vitamin in supporting hair growth.
  3. Ingesting toxins, even at low doses, is another common cause. One of the signs of arsenic poisoning is the loss of hair.
  4. Low blood supply. Yes, hairs are not technically alive and they do not need blood to grow. But hair follicles (the one where hair shafts are embedded) have some blood supply. Low blood supply prevents blood from reaching the extremities, the head and the feet. With the loss of blood supply, hair follicles die, thus making hair fall out and eventually shed.
  5. This is the trump card of all causes of hair loss. You cannot do anything about your genetics—it’s all over your DNA. If your family has a history of getting bald, chances are you inherited that gene. Tough luck for you then.

Now that we have established the most common causes of hair loss, the next question would be how to prevent it from happening. The answer is quite simple: avoid numbers 1 to 4. Avoid getting stressed out; take vitamin supplements to prevent any deficiencies.

If possible, avoid annoying your wife to elude getting poisoned. Since reason number 5, genetics, is something you could not do anything about, it’s now time to discuss how alopecia areata, which is the scientific name, can be treated.

The Provillus Hair Loss Treatment


Hair loss treatments are taking the market by storm, so do not worry. It means two things: that you are not the only one in this world getting bald and that there are treatments to promote hair growth. There are products that need to be taken orally, some need to be applied directly on hair and scalp. Among these tons of products, the Provillus hair treatment is the most sought after.

Customer Reviews

The Positive

To give you an idea, here are some positive reviews about Provillus I’ve found when doing my research:

“I have been using Provillus for nearly a year and I have been satisfied so far. My hair has never been this thick and this full. Friends and families gush over my hair. Thanks!” –Dylan, 45, New York USA

“My mother recommended this product to me as she had seen the effect of it on one of her friends. I started losing hair when my husband left me. The doctor told me that the stress caused my hair to fall off. Even after all the stresses of the divorce were gone, my hair didn’t recover. That’s when I started using Provillus. Now, 2 years of being a regular user, not only did my bald patches recover, my hair became more beautiful! My hair attracted new dating prospects for me. I owe it all to this wonderful product.“ –Mary, 38, Canada

“My dermatologist informed me about Provillus. People are thinking I am a lot older than my real age due to premature balding. My confidence is shaken. I became a recluse, refusing to show my balding head at parties. Once I tried Provillus 6 months ago, I could see new hair forming on my scalp. I started going out and having fun again.” –Ron, 25, UK

The Negative

In this world, nothing is perfect. When you want to know if a product is right for you or not, you need to know the pros and cons. With that being said, here are some negative reviews on Provillus:

“It has been 4 months since I have used this product. So far, I am not impressed by it. I have not seen any improvement. My scalp just shines with the spray, emphasizing my baldness.” –Terry, 50, Texas USA

“My scalp itches like a b***h when I use the spray!” –Mike, 32, UK

“I have no complaints on the effect of Provillus on my hair growth. The fact that I have new hair growth is positive enough for me. What I would like to complain about is my constipation. Despite drinking lots of water and eating fibrous food, I became suddenly constipated when I started using this baldness treatment. If the manufacturer could avoid that side-effect, I’ll give 5 stars to their product.” –Natasha, 30, New Jersey USA

The Facts

To be fair to all hair growth products and for the manufacturer of Provillus, please be reminded of these following facts when using an alopecia areata treatment:

  1. Hair grows slowly. The normal capacity of hair to grow ranges from 6 weeks to 6 months. Do not be impatient. Hair growth takes time even on best conditions and normal circumstances. Longer if you have vitamin deficiency or feel stressed regularly.
  2. Here is the sad truth: you may have to use hair treatment products indefinitely. Some say that the loss of hair resumed once their treatment stopped. To ensure the effect you wanted (that is, hair growth and prevention of further baldness), use the product twice a day for the rest of your life.
  3. Start using hair treatment as early as possible. As soon as you notice unnatural loss of hair, you should use an anti-baldness treatment immediately. As mentioned before, hair growth is slow.
  4. Depending on your dermatological type, there could be skin irritations. Itchiness of scalp could mean you have an allergic reaction to the product. Ask your dermatologist about it. Skin irritation and itchiness often lead to more medical-needing attention than your baldness alone.

Scientific Proof: Study on Minoxidil

To give further testament of the wonders of this hair regrowth treatment, a study was conducted by scientists and dermatologists about the effectiveness of minoxidil, one of the primary Provillus ingredients, as a hair growth cure.

They found out that in 24 weeks, a 5% minoxidil concentration is more effective than a 2% minoxidil concentration and placebo. The effectiveness was measured based on the change of baseline, hair count, and individual patient rating on scalp scale. Their study was published in the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology last 2012.

Examining The Product

With all these Provillus reviews, praises and positive feedback as well as the negatives, one needs to know how does Provillus work. Let’s take a closer look!



Horsetail Silica

The Provillus hair treatment comes as a package. It has two components, the spray and the capsules. The spray is the one directly applied on bald scalp.

It contains 5% minoxidil and horsetail silica. Minoxidil is an antihypertensive vasodilator drug that has been proven to stop losing your hair and promote hair growth.

Many drug companies have manufactured minoxidil as an over the counter drug treatment for alopecia areata. Horestail silica helps in the hair growth process as well as protecting the newly formed hairs from breakage by enforcing each and every strand with keratin, a protein that coats the hair.

The other component of the Provillus hair treatment package is the specially formulated oral supplement in the form of capsules. Each capsule has minerals, vitamins, and herbs further promoting hair re-growth.

Men vs. Women

Women have softer hair as compared to men but their hair is more fragile. Also, males and females have different hair needs. These differences between men and women’s hair are the main reason why the company has two different products, Provillus for women and Provillus for men. Despite having separate products, both treatments are proven and tested to be effective against hair loss.

Here are a few real and untouched before-and-after pictures of both men and women who used it:

Click Here if you are a manClick Here if you are a woman


How Does It Work?

The product’s mode of action could be summed up in 3 easy steps.

  1. Nourishes hair follicles by providing magnesium, zinc, iron, vitamin B complex, calcium. Healthy and well-nourished hair follicles give rise to healthy hair.
  2. Initiates new hair growth. Now that the soil (hair follicles) is well fertilized, it is time to plant the seeds to make new hair. Minoxidil and the horsetail silica will do the work, from outside to inside.
  3. Protects the hair against harmful substances such cortisol and DHT forming 5-enzyme alpha reductase. These substances are commonly found in shampoos, hair conditioners, and many other various hair products.

Costs & Where To Buy It

Provillus has not yet entered the physical world of the market and supermarket but it has already been making waves in the more competitive worldwide market of on-line selling. Ecommerce makes sure this product reaches all the people in need of it. With the price of $49.50 $39.50, the results are more than worth it.

But wait, there is indeed something more! That low price comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. If it doesn’t work for you within 90 days, you will get your money back without a fuss (except probably filling out necessary surveys for future studies). Aside from its price and money back guarantee, Provillus also provides prompt, safe, and free shipping of the product.

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What is your opinion?

  • Have you ever tried Provillus before?
  • Do you have your own story to share?
  • Any advice for people suffering from alopecia areata?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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